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I love painting and I love drawing and I love the figure. I was born in Brooklyn, attended the Art Students League of New York which I found inspirational and a turning point in my life, and the Brooklyn Museum Art School ..I've lived in Toronto since 1973. 

I've always thought I'd end up a female version of Hokusai, becoming 'old woman mad about painting.' It was shocking to me, and unexpected, that I'd ever let anything stop me from doing my work, but the few classes I taught from my studio rapidly grew into a school that filled a need and just kept growing.


In partnership with Tina Seemann, and the active contributions of many artists, animators, comic book and graphic novel artists, and concept artists in Toronto, Max the Mutt College of Animation, Art & Design took over first my studio, and then my life. 


The artist within me is now excited about re-emerging and curious to see how the experiences of the last decade will alter my work. The adventure continues.

My work is the result of trying to reach outside myself to observe, empathize and connect with the world, and express experiences I feel deeply and can only express in drawing or painting.” 

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